We’ve moved! Visit us at: https://www.bluemountainensemble.org/forecast-music

FORECAST MUSIC is an adventurous, not-for-profit new music group based in North Carolina’s Triad (Winston-Salem/High Point/Greensboro). We are comprised of a number of some of the world’s finest composers and performers, all living right here in NC. Our mission is to present new and innovative music of varied aesthetic visions, in relaxed, alternative performance spaces as well as traditional concert venues. While primarily presenting works by living composers in all phases of their careers, Forecast Music also presents Twentieth Century classics, affording audiences an opportunity to contextualize the newer work that they hear. In these eclectic programs, many different musical perspectives are allowed to collide and complement each other as they may. Forecast Music concerts are carefully curated to highlight certain ideas, musical and otherwise, and to promote collaboration with artists in various disciplines. Each concert is concise, presenting several works in approximately an hour, allowing ample time for interaction between the audience, performers, and composers. It is our hope that by presenting numerous works of mixed aesthetic styles and trends, the audience will sample the music of the recent past, today, and the future, sparking an interest in the extraordinary music being made by living composers.