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A Symphony of Horrors

Eric Schwartz’s music for the silent film classic Nosferatu is a juxtaposition of a variety of elements: the spooky sounds of a horror film score, the edgy, sophisticated unpredictability of contemporary chamber music, and the post-modern wackiness of experimental theater. In an ode to the long-standing tradition of silent film, the score, played by five musicians with additional electronics, is performed as live accompaniment alongside screenings of the film. However, this score acts not simply as audio wallpaper, but as living, breathing, and occasionally screaming commentary on the action on screen, the silent film tradition, and the entire horror genre. Schwartz’s  Nosferatu is as much a multi-media event as it is a film screening, and provides an entirely new perspective on a wonderful old film. This Nosferatu truly is A Symphony of Horrors.

“ …very, very effective. The luxury of having some of our state’s finest musicians playing in the “pit” for this show made it special enough to linger in the memory. – John Lambert, Classical Voice NC 10/31/2010

Pictured Artists include: John R. Beck, percussion; Eric Schwartz, composer; Carla Copeland-Burns, flute; Michael Burns, bassoon; Suzanne Rousso, viola; James Douglass, keyboard;

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